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Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Mozambique Initiative

We have a long standing covenant with the church in Quelimane, Zambezia, Mozambique shown below.
Rev. Maria Samussone Joao is the pastor in charge.
Church membership: 401      Church attendance: 210         
Location: The Church is located in the city of Quelimane, the capital city of Zambezia province.
Well: there is running water from the municipality of Quelimane. 
Clinic: health care at the provincial hospital and private clinics.
Schools: there are some elementary schools and secondary school and a private University near parsonage.
Development activities
  • Members are struggling in contributing the tithe as conference recommendation, to enable reinforcement of their church financial obligations (pastor’s salary, etc.);
o   Continue with door-to-door Evangelism campaign to acquire new converts. The youth is very much involved in this activity. There is new local church being started.
o   The congregation reinforced commitment to celebrate the “partner day” within their parish work plan, where they can pray, talk about partnership and share connection with partner in Missouri;
o   Need to continue strengthening working experiences and covenant relationships with their partner in Missouri;
o   Need Christian education books (50 Bible, hymn books translated into their local language, book of discipline for evangelization, and 50 hymnals), to support youth initiative on Christian education. The church is losing some members because of lack of these materials.
Access road: paved road of easy access and then rough mud roads to the church.
Language spoken: Chuabo, and Portuguese.
Possible telephone contacts: mobile and normal telephone network available in the city of Quelimane.
Electricity: there is electricity in the city including the chapel and the parsonage.
Employment: Agriculture is the major activity mostly practiced by women in the suburb mashes (a lot of raice production in every graden, and even within homesteads). There are a number of flea markets scattered all over the city. Few other members work in government institutions. Unemployment rate is quite high, especially in youth.
Church structure: permanent structure. There are very few pews and a small pulpit. There is no adequate ventilation because the windows are very small and few in numbers. The plan is to enlarge the chapel in a newly acquired piece of land. There is about $3,333 locally collected and some stones contributed by church members. 
Parsonage: small 2 rooms and a living room semi-permanent house roofed with zinc sheets. This parsonage will be moved to another space available within the property. It is leaks for the moment. Finally there will be a need to erect a big wall surrounding church premisses and then work on the access to the church because of mud. They are in extreme need of furniture for the parsonage.
Fellowship house: there is none.
Malaria and rheumatism attacks children and elderly people; and malnutrition (especially in the new local church to be launched with was severely hit by floods). The church comprises of members that are not native of Quelimane (who have come to work) and when they are moved, the church loses its membership.
Observations: There is also an extreme need of transportation (bike) for the pastor to be able to visit local churches and evangelize.  
Floods in Mozambique - 2013
Devastating floods have swept through the country of Mozambique affecting approximately 200,000 people. Nearly 100 people have died and tens of thousands of people have been displaced as flood waters have washed away homes, belongings, and farmland. Outbreaks of cholera have been reported as people are unable to access clean water.
In the midst of tragedy, the Church has responded in a spirit of generosity, unity, and partnership. The Mozambique Initiative (MI) is working with the Mozambican United Methodist Conference to respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters who have been affected. The MI is actively raising funds and organizing relief efforts on the ground. Under the guidance of the Missouri Annual Conference, the MI has forwarded $15,000 for flood relief, and is working closely with local churches in Mozambique who have also contributed supplies, food, clothing, and funds from special offerings. Two relief drops have already been conducted in Chokwe and in Chibuto, two of the most affected areas.
Sarah Bollinger, MSW, LCSW – Coordinator
The Mozambique Initiative
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Ezequiel Marcos Nhantumbo -Representative
The Mozambique Initiative
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